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Totke to get ex back: Love is a sweet feeling. The true lover becomes blind in love. He starts to see the person he loves everywhere. He wants his lover to be with him forever. Above all when he wakes up while sleeping and sees the person he loves. But sometimes misunderstanding comes in the relationship. As a result, a person loses his love. If you want to get your love back and attract your love by photo. Then Contact our Pandit Ji for best Totke to get ex back. In the event, you have lost your love.

Are Tone and Totke are same to get ex back or is there any difference

Often people consider Tone and Totke (टोने और टोटके) the same. While there is a lot of difference between the two. In fact, the first and clear distinction between Tone and Totke is that Tone is useful only for the purpose of doing evil. While Totke is useful for the purpose of doing something good. In other words, Tone is the wrong way of attaining desired results. Totke and fast vashikaran is the sacred way of attaining desired results.

Lal Kitab Totke to get ex-love back

Love is a feeling that makes life beautiful. But if this love gets away from you, it makes you die every moment. Many times we have to break away from our love due to unwilling circumstances. Today we are telling you Totke to get ex-love back given in Lal Kitab.  To deal with a similar situation.

If your lover has gone away from you. but you want to bring him back in your life in any way. Then you should start chanting the mantra to get love back.

“Kaleeeem Kreeeeshanaaaaaye Namah”

  1. 551 times starting on Friday
  2. Then take 7 leaves of betel leaf and sprinkle vermilion and water on these leaves while continuously chanting this mantra
  3. Read this mantra for the next seven days on top of these seven paan leaves
  4. Next Friday, take a little vermilion and mix it in water
  5. After that write the name of the person to whom you love on a betel leaf from that vermilion
  6. After that, make a round from your head in a clockwise direction 21 times and throw it away

This experiment is to be done for seven consecutive days and on the eighth day go to the person you love. You will definitely get the desired results. You can also contact our astrologer for vashikaran for getting ex back.

Precautions to take while reciting the mantra to get back lost love and lover using Totke

Most of the people usually email us that remedy given on your website is not working. We would like to tell all of them to consult our astrologer once before using any mantra to get back lost love and lover given on our website. In addition to this pay attention to the following words by our Love problem solution in Bangalore.

  1. To get the full results of this remedy, it is necessary that these measures should be done on the day of Saturday
  2. Do not forget to recite the above-mentioned mantra 551 times on seven betel leaves for seven consecutive days
  3. When doing this trick, give up alcohol and non-veg
  4. Do not make physical relationships with any stranger. Else this trick can be fruitless

You can also contact us. If you want to get astrological remedies and Totke to get ex-husband back. See you in the next article.

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