Astrology to stop extramarital affairs

In our Hindu religion, marriage is a very important ritual. But many times due to, some planetary positions in the person’s birth chart. He deprived of marital happiness. As sometimes these planetary positions become the reason for extramarital affairs. So today in this article we will focus on Astrology to stop extramarital affairs.

As we understand the discordant marriage is very annoying and hellish. If you want to remove all the obstacles from your married life. Then you can contact our astrologer.

How to know the chances of extramarital affairs in astrology

Marriage is a relationship in which there is no space of doubt. As doubt on the loyalty of your partner is a crush. But it is the human tendency to doubt. Sometimes a person doubts his partner which sometimes leads to divorce. If you have doubts about your partner but don’t want to ask him directly whether he/she has extramarital affairs. Then you can contact our astrologer to know the chances of extramarital affairs by astrology. As if you will ask him/her directly it may lead to divorce. Then you will regret only that due to you your marriage has broken.

Mantra to stop extra-marital affairs of husband

No woman can bear infidelity in marriage. If you have recently come to know that your husband has extramarital affairs with someone in his office or in your neighborhood. Above all, it is creating differences between you and your husband. Or your husband wants to divorce you because he wants to marry that lady. He loves now. Then you can contact our astrologer to get mantra to stop the extra-marital affairs of the husband

………कर्ममि धर्माश्च

कुमम भवति भवताह

सुभ कुरमी ……

भुवन करोमी धवता

For further, assistance in how to use this mantra. Contact our astrologer. They will guide you with some lal kitab remedies for husband vashikaran. This mantra will create hate for that woman in your husband’s heart. And he will start to like you.

Astrological planets responsible for extramarital problems and their remedies

Astrology is a vast subject. Nobody can tell you without analyzing your horoscope. Which planets are responsible for problems in your marriage.  Also, nobody can suggest you remedy of astrology to stop extramarital affairs without seeing your Kundli. However, there are certain planets that usually creates circumstances of extramarital affairs. A list of such planets is given below.

  1. Sun, Saturn, Rahu are planets with separatist nature whereas Mars and Ketu are planets with a negative nature. All these are harmful for marriage. In addition to these if…………….
  2. The seventh or seventh house in the horoscope is related to marriage and married life. If the sight of the house of sin planet or low planet remains in this house. Then problems in marital life are faced.
  3. If Mars is situated in the first, fourth, seventh, twelfth place in the horoscope. Then the person gets Mangli Yoga due to this yoga. This leads to delay in marriage of the native, impairment in the health of the spouse, divorce. Sometimes cruel Manglik dosh can lead to the death of a life partner.

Pay attention
If a person is facing troubles regarding marital life in his horoscope. Then it is very important to first match the horoscope of the husband and wife for the remedy. Only by matching the horoscope of both the natives. An experienced astrologer can tell you the remedies for husband control.

Totkas and remedies for secret love affairs in astrology

All the people who came to know that their partner has illicit love affairs. They start to search over the web for the solution. We would like to tell you all of you. Don’t put your marriage at risk. And consult a well qualified and expert astrologer. To get totkas and remedies for secret love affairs. You may also contact our astrologer. They have years of experience in handling such types of marriage issues. See you in the next article. Till then bye-bye.

Thank You

Jai Mata Di

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